Time Honored Formulas is Back Online

To Our valued customers:

Thank you very much for using our online store services.
Due to Server Maintenance, the Server hosting Time Honored Formulas was down for a while but is now back online.
During the outage, connecting to our site was not possible, we apologize for any difficulties this may caused you and ask for your kind understanding and patronage. New features have been added to our site and we hope they won’t cause any discomfort to our customers, among these features we have to mention the following:

1.- Validation of emails is a must, since some of our customers were complaining about the delays of the notifications for the orders online, validation of emails are mandatory in order to comply with new online legislation. These validations act as an authorization from the customer for us to be able to write to your email in order to notify you about your purchases.

2.- reCAPTCHA on Registration, Login and Checkout. The reCAPTCHA is a tool to validate human interaction with a digital program, this is just an extra layer of protection to avoid automated system, virus, bots and spam worms to use our platform to generate thousands and thousands of unrequested emails.

3.- Integrated tracking numbers for USPS orders. Due to completion of an order, the tracking number issued by the USPS is now integrated in the completion invoice sent directly to the customer’s email. FedEx tracking numbers will continue to be sent prior delivery since FedEx offer customizable features in their company like delaying a delivery, holding a package on a nearest office, return to shipper, etc. while USPS do not.

Thank you for being part of our family.

Best Regards,

Ancient Formulas, Inc.

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