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As we are moving forward into 2022 we are all experiencing extraordinary circumstances affecting so many issues including the global supply chain, shortages of raw material and inflation.  Despite exhaustive planning, effort and projections, we are forced to enact an immediate price adjustment on the products we manufacture.    This increase is a direct result of higher costs associated with the production, shortages of raw material and transportation and distribution of our entire product line.   Secondly,  this increase will allow us to maintain our prioritized position with each raw material supplier.  Our company has not experienced an increase in our product pricing in six years.  We have tried to stave off this action by internal restructuring as well as purchasing larger quantities from our qualified sources so that we could continue to provide excellent service with quality products.  But we find, at this time, we can no longer hold the current pricing.

Ancient Formulas, Inc. and Time Honored Formulas remains fully committed to you in our effort to provide the best in class quality of materials and customer service.  Please expect our ongoing vigilance monitoring raw material and updating our customers with related details of this challenging time.

Ancient Formulas derives from High Standards Natural Products.

We are 100% committed to provide the best supplements and service to our customers.

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