About us

Ancient Formulas, Inc has been successfully serving health professionals since 1984. Owned and operated by one family, the company began with a single recipe, handed down from one generation to another. This all natural and effective remedy was named H.Y.B.P. (H.P.#1). After exhaustive testing and clinical study, it was the first product released and market to the medical community. Because of the success of H.P.#1, there came a demand for other products and subsequently, Ancient Formulas came into being. Soon doctors request “special” formulas, often requesting their own private labels, and more and more of the ancient Persian texts were translated and tested. In time, these formulas, from 45 ancient volumes of herbal and botanical formulas, were translated and categorized. These herbal remedies became the source of our company’s products. A myriad of formulas remain to be tested and marketed.

Ancient Formulas is built on a philosophy of providing the purest and most effective products possible. We are committed to customer satisfaction, as our label indicates. Our products are distributed by direct marketing companies and health professionals. Our success, we feel, is due to direct, reliable suppliers, quality raw ingredients and the satisfaction of costumers that use out products. Without the support and cooperation of those doctors and patients using our products and the clinics that evaluate them, we could not withstand out competition. It is already difficult find pharmaceutical grade supplements in a local health-food store, and large chains of big stores don’t carry many of them either. Most health care professionals such as Naturopaths, Integrative Doctors, or Holistic Practitioners commonly prescribe certain supplements to their patients, usually keeping their own inventory. This is the safest and more reliable way of gaining access to these types of quality supplements because it comes with the direction and consult of a trained professional, and we are truly proud of being the company behind those healthcare professionals.

Many supplement manufacturers may sell a product labeled as the best, but you must know there are certain trusted brands offering pharmaceutical grade supplements that are trusted and used by healthcare professionals. At Ancient Formulas we dedicate to particularly choose natural high quality pure ingredients free of fillers, additives, or synthetic substances, and again, present balanced formulas using natural ingredients, most of them often Clinically Proven, Patent Protected, and Quality Assured, since it satisfies our criteria of having the highest level of certifications for quality and purity, which is why most of our clients are licensed M.D., Integrative Doctors as well as Holistic and Naturopathic Practitioners, who trust our manufacturing to provide healthy solutions to their patients.

We are creating an opportunity for all to benefit from Ancient Formulas. And so we shall dedicate ourselves to the studies and research of products now existing and those planned for the future.